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Corner vanity units for small bathrooms include a small basin with a tap, hoisted up on a cabinet or a rack, with a mirror to complement the set. Many vanity corners include extra fixtures like cabinets, and a small towel stand or a loop.

Vanity corners are specially designed to fit in any size of the bathroom occupy very little space. They are usually placed at the corner of a tiny bathroom the set adds grace and style to the bathroom however small it may be a bathroom with a vanity corner appears elegant. They also work very well for small workshop or painting roof. They can fit in the corner where one can wash their hands, equipment or pvc aprons. Having one inside the working area is useful as there is not need to leave that room and possibly spread muck.

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The sets are available in different wood types and in different colors, the cabinets and racks are mostly made of wood, at times manufactures use different materials like plastic or fiberglass to make vanity sets. The basin of the set is either made of ceramic, marble, stone, plastic, stainless steel or soap stone. These come in different shapes some are conventional, others resemble a glass bowl and some are triangular. The taps on the basins are mostly fancy only a few sets have the conventional taps.

The cabinets of the set are practical and one can fit in many toiletries. The mirror hoisted above the basin is either fitted with wall bearings or has a fancy frame. The elegant frames are a part of the set so they match in color and design.

The idea behind the corner vanity units is to utilize minimum space and give maximum utility. Corner units mostly are triangular in shape they are meant to be placed in the corner of a small bathroom. Many bathrooms that are small in size have a sliding door and the vanity set is placed in a corner, at or near the entrance of the room. Small bathrooms are either square or rectangular in shape. A well designed bathroom has an appropriate floor, the tiles are placed adequately so that the vanity set stands out and the room appears elegant.

The interior of rooms define the taste of people living in it, a simply designed room that maximizes utility speaks of high taste. The size of the room is secondary but what matters is the dcor of the interior, its up-keep and maintenance.

It is easy to design bathrooms in this age and time, bathroom equipment and fixtures are available in all sizes, colors and designs. It is easy to hoist the fixtures and to remove them, light and movable fixtures make cleaning and maintenance easier.

If one is thinking of designing his bathroom or shifting into a smaller home, he should not worry about the space and size. Small things have better utility plus maintenance falls inexpensive and cleaning is easier. The dcor defines taste, and one can easily pick and choose items that suit his needs the best. The market is full of bathroom equipment and accessories, a variety of vanity sets are available. The current trend encourages people to create maximum utility in space and vanity sets for small bathrooms serve the purpose.